Discover Squidll, a spin-off of BLCC

Language support in
the flow of work.

Discover Squidll, the online language platform of BLCC, where professionals and language coaches come together for quick and flexible support.

The online matching platform for flexible language support.

Are you looking for a flexible language solution for your team?

With Squidll, you opt for personalized support, regardless of the needs, language levels, or roles within your team. Whether you need assistance with technical jargon or conversational language, Squidll provides tailor-made support to meet all your specific needs.

WEB / Online leren virtueel

Learning in the flow of work.

Make language learning and maintenance more accessible. With Squidll, you ensure that your employees have 24/7 access to experienced business language coaches

No mandatory training in a busy schedule, self-directed learning, and support when your employees need it.
  • Receive feedback and tips for an important presentation
  • Have a non-native language quote reviewed
  • Prepare for a performance review with your language coach
  • Enhance negotiation and communication through role-playing


BLCC language training
versus Squidll's language support

There is no right or wrong. At BLCC, we simply offer a suitable language solution for every situation. From traditional language training to learning in the flow of work.

The common denominator? Experienced language coaches with specific expertise in HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and more.


Tailor-made language training.

Tailor-made language training programs spread over a few weeks or months.

  • Defined trajectory
  • For all language levels
  • Planning and follow-up support
  • Fixed budget
  • All languages
  • Wide range of options: group lessons, individual, online, face-to-face, blended




24/7 online language

An online platform with language coaches available when your employee needs it.

  • Your employee schedules coaching when needed, 24/7
  • Ideal for higher language levels or busy schedules
  • No risks: flexible budget, no expiration date
  • English, French, German and Dutch
  • One-on-one online sessions


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